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"While putting up the star, Bo fell off the ladder and hit his head. Is he okay?"

LMAO!! What a desperate attempt at a non-cliffhanger.

"When Sami slipped and fell..."

What? Is this the new Higley trademark? LoL

Meanwhile, the stuff with Nicole actually sounds really good... mainly because it's understandable why she would be so desperate to make EJ believe she's still pregnant. It reminds me so much of the Kristen story, in how it starts out with a little desperation and ends up snowballing into a gigantic web of lies and deceit. LoL @ Nicole panicking when EJ wants to sleep in the bed with her. Reminds me of Susan panicking when she thought John would see the tattoo on her ankle during their lovemaking. Anyway, the only weak spot is that I can't see Brady going along with the lies at all. Still, I'm actually interested in seeing where this goes. Bravo, Higley! Finally, a story with some possibilities! *GASP*

The other stuff... ZZZZZZ!

Thanks, Angie! Muah!

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