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Nov 21 2008, 09:57 PM
Nov 21 2008, 09:43 PM
Nov 21 2008, 09:32 PM
Max and a toy dog? Is that supposed to be sweet to me? And the last thing the autism story needs is for Max to be a part of it. Maybe Max will teach him math.

I really am furious on the Dan/Chloe thing. Dan should NOT be getting turned on examining a patient; there is something wrong with that guy.

I'm not thrilled with Nick still all about Melanie but I suppose as long as he is still on the show. God forbid we should see him getting treatment since he's been the reason have watched the damn Trent storyline.

So is Melanie having "feelings" for Philip now? I really don't want to know. Her actions cause the first Stephanie/Philip kiss which hopefully will go over well.
Why? All can i say they both are hot, and i don't blame him to be turned on by Chloe, instead of Grandma. I guess Pay back is a bitch, What Kate did to Chelsea was foul, now what goes around comes back around.
I hardly consider LK a "grandma" in that category. But my earlier point is that if they want to try Dan to Chloe, why are they still letting it be via the patient route? That makes his fourth one he's been attracted to counting his wife.
I agree with you on the patient route, but am still holding on for the reunion of Daniel and Chelsea i guess.
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