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I understand what you are saying Tripp, it certainly is in very poor taste to try and pair (eww) these two while Chloe is his patient. But then again Higley is all about pushing the envelope. Didn't she have Philip fantasizing about Lil Jailbait?

I feel you Ericfan, it's a bitter pill to swallow for us Broe fans to see Chloe spread around Salem like Cheeze Wiz on a Ritz cracker. I was so excited when I heard that Brady was coming back and I kept hoping for a Broe reunion, but alas I should have known. Higley hasn't gotten one right yet.

Brady and Chloe showed such promise in their very brief scene last week, but now we have to contend with Brady being knee deep up Nicole's ass and Chloe playing hide the thermometer with Dr. Necrophilia.
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