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Hmmm....I have read everyone's posts and have re-read them, and what I will say is this...to obsolve Dena of her transgressions as a writer and a "death dealer", to me is just nutty. Yes, I agree that Corday has much to do with this, as it was ultimately his decision to hire her in the first place, during the strike. As the head honcho, Corday hires people to do jobs, tasks which he ultimately is unable to do himself...it has been clear all along that Dena has been incapable of doing her job and selling the job that she does...which is to write. Why is it that each exec producer that the show hires comes in and tries to fix her work and yet she remains....

Dena as the head writer of the show is more concerned about the "quick win" mentality, rather then the over all long term view of the sl's that are being produced. Why else do we get sl's that change soo abruptly before they come to any form of fruition? Dena in my mind is the killer of Days as she goes for the one off sl gimmick driven wonders to pull in the ratings, that only last for a day in a week of a quarter period. This is no way to write a show. What is a soap without a competent writer...all soaps are driven by the story arch's...that pull viewers in and weave us in about and through to the next arch produced. In my mind, this type of writing explains why all characters are easily "thrown under the bus" at a moments whim. The show has purly become about the ratings gambit, rather then trying to seduce the viewers into giving a damn in the first place. Not to mention the self indulgence at play, where Dena seems to be writing sl's for herself...rather then the viewers.

Where are the sl's that I used to rush home for, that kept me on the edge of my seat, biting my nails till the next installment......I have not watched Days in a while now...and seriously if things continue the way they have been...I may not ever watch again. Thanks Dena and Corday for ruining Days.

Think about this, Dena still has a job, while all those who have tried to take her on, ultimately are forced to leave. They have each tried to come in and do her work...why would they need to do that if she was competent at her job......? Quite clearly this speaks volumes to me....under Ed, the soap did well...we as fans generally agreed at the time that the show was back on track....and yet he was fired because he fixed the work that Dena produced, as in his mind...and the minds of others it was not up to par. The only person who seems satisfied with her performance as a writer is Corday....a man who knows little to nothing about writing, hence the reason for him to hire others to do the work.
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