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Viewing Single Post From: what would it take to get Deidre back on the show?

Nov 23 2008, 01:14 AM
Nov 23 2008, 01:11 AM
Nov 23 2008, 01:08 AM
Nov 23 2008, 01:01 AM
Sending in bed linnens for fictional characters to have sex on for one thing
Oh scary! It was a symbol for a fresh start, but I guess that isn't as interesting. And as if J&M fans are the only fans to every send things into the studio. Some fanbase sent in underwear recently. Ellie, which fanbase was that?
lol!! Here it is, word for word from the SOD Insider of October 23rd:

Uh, yeah, so Friday morning I'm watching GL at my desk when the mail arrives and I received a very unusual item from Courtney in Fort Wayne, IN. She's a fan of Y&R's Lily and Cane. How big a fan, you ask? She writes that she's, "Dropping my panties for Daytime's Hottest Couple!" Yes, this Y&R devotee literally dropped drawers into the mail. The size 6 aqua undies were embellished with a Tootsie Pop as part of the "Lollies and Lingerie for Lane!" drive. A few days later, I received coral Fruit of the Loom unmentionables from another fan, Carolyn of Desoto. TX. She wrote the duo's name with a felt marker on the back of the bottoms and included some lollypops. Beth of Cincinnati, OH didn't drop trou, but she did send lollies, noting, "I'm a sucker for Lane! I love Lily and Cane as well as their portrayers, Christel Khalil and Daniel Goddard."
Thanks, lol. I guess since it was fans of Y&R it wasn't such a big deal ;)
Yeah maybe we should hope she wouldn't go there. Those campaigns are really out of our league.
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