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Nov 23 2008, 06:29 AM
Alright guys, lets keep this civil.

Please and thank you. :)

It's really not fair to single one fanbase out, but I think I understand (partially) what Drew was saying. Y&R isn't the type of show that typically deals with the fanbase wars like Days does, mainly because it rarely structures its storylines to stoke that sort of fire. Many Days fanbases refuse to watch the show unless their favorites are on, and that's fine. If you're not interested in the show outside of your favorite (Lord knows I'm not), that's perfectly understandable. Better writing to make the entire show compelling would fix that. But Y&R isn't the type of show that's going to put a certain person on the screen everyday just to appease the fanbase of one actor. By the way, this doesn't just apply to Deidre fans -- it could be ANY popular Days star. Also, this isn't to suggest that ALL fans of a certain actor/actress/couple expect to see their favorite on everyday, either. For example, I know that Ellie is a huge Deidre fan, but I've never once heard her say that Deidre should be on every single day and I'm also pretty sure that she's watched the show even on Deidre-less days. I think that the more radical fans just tend to have a louder voice, causing many people to feel as if they speak for the entire fanbase, when in fact they don't.

I agree with what you are saying, which goes to the point of the writing for Days. I don't think J&M fans want our favs on daily or even the majority of the time but if we get something good we would be happy. Our couple has not been together in over a year and no matter what others may think they have each been written woefully out of character during that time. I am a J&M fan but after the olympics when Days was getting ready fo Tony and EJ to take on Stefano and/or John for control of the Dimera fortune, I was game for that s/l which had nothing to do with my fav couple. I found the plot interesting and would have saty tuned. Then two weeks went by and nothing.

I remember back in April and May, I was interested in Ejami for the first time ever, then Lucas came home and we were thrown back ino the never ending triangle that was Ejami v. Lumi and I wanted to gauge my eyes and ears out. Days has a writing and creative problem not an actor/actress/fanbase problem. Excuse J&M fans for wanting a good show (not just a g s/l with J&M but the entire sow was good), which we have not had since 2004!

This would be like the Coca Cola Company saying, "how dare the public not like the new coke after we have been giving them classic coke for over 50 years! Well screw the public we'll simply take classic coke off the market in an effort to force them to like the new coke." The idiots don't consider that we can switch altogether to Pepsi!

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