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I just think it should be let go. We don't know for sure, but this might not be the best thing in the world for Dee Hall or DRAKE. Chapters ends, and new ones begin. (Remember, Drake is part of this cut, too. In many ways, I wish JKJ had gone ahead and walked.). And, I totally agree with Kenny. The reputation for rabid fanbases as far as Days is concerned is THERE, folks. For Dee, for James Scott, for Shelle, for Shimi, Phloe, Jack Deveraux, one that covers JUST the younger chicks (the beloved Terry)..........there are rabid fans. They've been there for years. Drake has been the brunt of their ire, and so has Lauren Koslow. Hard telling what kind of letters actors like Lauren, Farah Fath, Ari Zucker, and Bryan Datillo (and James Scott) have received because they dared break up a "meant to be" couple. Hard telling what kind of letters folks like Jason Cook and Drake got because they dared express interest in something OTHER than the "meant to be" couple.
Drew pointed out an example of what he (and I, personally) consider over-the-top behavior. There are many many others, but per Kenny's request, I'm not going to name them. I just don't get why they are being denied. They are THERE. Those actions happened. They are perceived as over-the-top by a lot of fans and writers who go on boards and who blog. J&M fans, as well as other fanbases.
That's not to say ALL fans of these actors (plus others) or characters are rabid. Unfortunately, the reputation for some fanbases makes it embarrassing for a lot of fans on boards to admit who they like, or they feel like they have to apologize to others because some rabid fans go overboard.
OK, Kenny, I'm sorry. That's all I have to say on the subject. (for now). Except for one other thing:
Fans of Dee....if you TRULY believe she is a marvelous actress and you TRULY believe in her, then why so negative? If the industry sees her as great as you do, you WILL see her again. So, is it Dee or MARLENA for whom you are mourning? If you love the actress, chances are, she'll show up again. I don't care what her age. If she is the draw you say she is, someone will snatch her up. It may not be soaps. It might be Lifetime movies, appearances on NBC shows, another network, talk shows.......but she WILL show up again! Wouldn't you rather see her somewhere where she is appreciated rather than with the storylines Days has thrown at her lately?
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