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Nov 19 2008, 11:12 PM
Nov 19 2008, 11:04 PM
John warms up to his new doctor and agrees to participate in therapy sessions
Thanks Angie!

So, we're already in December here, and what did Corday say, January for when J&M would go "offscreen"? I'm sure that means they're doing rewrites and that most of this will be irrelevant to however their story ends. Not that there's continuity in Higley's writing anyway.
I can see this leading into John and Marlena getting together.

I think the doctor can help John feel a bit better about himself and make him less harsh, more his old self. He comes across to me as having given up sometimes with his 'Nothing can be done for me' comments. I think if Marlena sees that the new doctor likes John as he is, it may make her see John in a new light vs not being old John.

I'd like both of them to grow, and I'd like to see Marlena a little jealous. I always loved both of them jealous. Would be pretty nice to see John ask her for a date, and Marlena to ask him, wouldn't you prefer to go out with her? and for him to reply 'she's just my shrink. You're the love of my life'. I'm no writer, but something along those lines.

With time running out, they may just have Rolf slap John's memories back in. I'd kinda be disappointed if they do it that way after waiting all year, but at this point, I'd just like J&M to be back to that deeply caring special relationship before they go off. I'd just like to see them smile at one another genuinely again, and for him to be stroking her arm or rubbing her cheek, like he always did. Those little gestures always meant more to me than anything.
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