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Nov 23 2008, 03:56 PM
It also doesn't help when you do want to bash an actor or actress fairly or simply want to comment on them and end up taking it on the chin for no reason.

For example, I made the comment two weeks ago that Dee seemed "off" or not like herself at the Day of Days event. It wasn't even a negative comment yet, given the response, you would think I just insulted Dee's children or something.

The Ali hate is out of control and there is an awful lot of baiting but I also think the Dee fandom is a bit out of control too. Emotions are so high right now that it can get very heated. That is why I've backed off a bit myself lately as far as posting and such.
This is the typical response on this board. I'm so used to being talked down to as a J&M fan. It's seems OK to say that Ali bashing is out of control, but the reverse is never an option. It's OK. we'll all be gone soon enough lol!
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