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Nov 24 2008, 01:11 AM
Nov 24 2008, 12:31 AM
Nov 24 2008, 12:29 AM
Nov 23 2008, 11:30 PM
He must be in need of money. He was doing OK in primetime. Staying on this soap, especially being in the final cast would be young actor career suicide.
Not really; he's being smart. It looks like SAG might go on strike soon and soaps are AFTRA.
And now there is still chance for Philip and Chloe, with JKJ and Nadia. I would like to see them in other romances first, but I love the connection between the characters and hope one day they end up back with each other
I agree with your post I think and still have hope for Philip and Chloe since we do have the original characters in the Role I am hoping they get back together! I would Love for them to realize the only person they have ever loved was there all this time.
Honestly, I don't care WHAT pairing they put him with, as long as it works and it's obvious that it works with the majority of the fans (which PROBABLY eliminates Melanie). I think Stephanie and yes, Chloe (now that they're both actually emoting) might work, but it shouldn't be forced just to give Philip a love story. I'm more concerned about JKJ the ACTOR, and wanting him to get prime, good stuff that will show his range and give him good material for future auditions. And if that means no romance, but terrific Titan storylines, so be it. Right now, ALL actors on Days need to be looking to their future and doing what they can to ensure that, when the inevitable happens, they're ready.
As for hiring more actors.........I guess you can discuss who you want on the show, but right now, with them talking about 40% budget cuts and them cutting D&D (no matter what you think of the actors: their salaries were a pretty big chunk), it would be very, very foolhardy of them to add more actors to the plate right now, no matter how low the salary. And, why would any actor want to sign on, unless they were desperate and willing to take what is probably a pretty temporary job? I guess the economy, but I just don't know....
I tend to think whichever guy would have been in the running for Philip just dodged a huge bullet.
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