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Nov 24 2008, 05:19 PM
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Nov 21 2008, 06:43 PM
With the comments about the mainstream press only covering Days when it involves Deidre......is it the power of Deidre or the power of her agent or just the fact that she's been on so long? Or maybe a few fans setting off an alarm.
Sometimes, these things get nudged a little, sort of like I heard the big protest when she was killed off years ago. Food for thought.
Once again, the whole "Chicken Little" scenario just makes me shake my head.
Yea, cuz it couldn't just be that Deidre is extremely popular and well known outside of the soap world. Must be the fans calling all these media venues and begging them to cover the story. Yea, that's the ticket. :eyeroll:
What's she known for outside of the soaps world?

Almost being a bond girl?
Deidre had a nighttime series (Our House), several movies of the week, a role on the series Wise Guy and other nighttime shows. Is that considered outside of the soap world?
Twenty years ago.
Many of the people who producers want to watch soaps weren't born or were in grade school.

So unless she's well known to the under thirty crowd she may as well be invisible.
Yea, tell that to Eric Braedon, Susan Lucci, Susan Flannery, Kim Zimmer, etc...
I doubt they're that well known outside of soaps, either.

Although Eric Braeden did get a bit part on How I Met Your Mother and was pretty good in it.
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