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Why is there still such a to-do about someone commenting that Dee might have been a little off at Fanfest? I still don't see why that is considered an insult for her to be human. Poor Phoenix couldn't make an observation? He never claimed to have the inside scoop. Gads.

Scoop, guys. Dee uses the bathroom. I've never witnessed it, but I have it on good authority, in general, human beings do stuff like that. They get a little down. Then they rally and put on a brave front. I HONESTLY cannot believe that his comments are still considered heresy.

Regardless, the timeline does manner in the larger scope of things. All this stuff doesn't just affect the DH'ers, it affects the other actors. The timeline would have a lot to do with some of the other rumblings going on. And, yes, knowing for two weeks just means they aren't infallible. Give them credit for forging through. I'd think a fan would be proud of Dee (AND DRAKE. Remember, he's part of this) for going through, going to work, facing fans, and doing the best they can professionally instead of fully wearing their hearts on their sleeves. But, then again, maybe I'm a different type of actor's fan, one who doesn't expect the actor to jump through hoops for me.

I am still shaking my head, though, in the disbelief that maybe, just maybe, things aren't sterling in Dee-ville and that the realization that maybe, just maybe, the rain falls on everyone at one point or two in their lives. Did some folks honestly believe there was going to be a Marlena forever?
I'm also still shaking my head that this is still such a big deal. Time for a new Days scandal.

(Shaking my head as I get ready to hit "add reply", wondering, wondering, wondering...time to go to the OLTL thread)
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