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Nov 24 2008, 10:47 PM
Nov 24 2008, 10:37 PM
I know from personal experience that sitting in LA traffic is enough to make anyone frazzled! Dee is human. She pays taxes, uses the bathroom, gets dental checkups and has bad moods just like the rest of us. Why the big deal about something that is perfectly normal?

And that was the point I made in that thread ad nauseum but some acted like I was bashing Dee. My simple point was she seemed "off." I made mention that traffic, the rain, etc could've played a role. She's human. It was a mere observation and one that takes on more importance for me now because she very well MAY have known she was axed or going to be. There was no malicious intent at all yet it was made out to be something more then what it was.

That is just one reason why I've backed off from posting. If myself and others can't even make an innocent observation about an actor or actress without being jumped on, I would rather just keep it to myself and avoid the hassle.

Oh Pheonix, I don't want you to stop posting. I completely understand the feeling of getting jumped on also but I wanted you to know that some of us are not and do not want to jump on you. :wave:

I enjoy your comments and feedback even when I don't agree. I think it just seems like there is so little known about the DH's reactions that fans, yes we are out there, of the DH's are just trying to get info. So when people post, that they may have known for two weeks then fans who are trying to get background info simply start thinking back to other comments and things that were going on recently.

I think this same type of thing was going on when the thread was posted about the "diva' writing her own scenes. Remember how people were trying to interpret and reinterpret everything from Rachels comments about boards and blogs to Ally's motivations for getting pregnant. It was utterly ridiculous the speculation that was going on. The thread and comments however stemmed from the vague hint about "the diva" v. Dena Higley and a tru lack of information about what was really going on.

That being said, I don't think people should act as though Deidre and Drake getting fired is just another daily event. It may not be a big deal to you but obviously by fans, boards, mags and even national and local news programs across the nation it is. While I love Shelle, their firings did not get coverage like this. I love Joe Mascolo but his firing did not get this coverage either. Killing off half of the cast in 04 did not get media coverage like this although I believe ratings were good then.

All that I am really trying to say is that people should not get offended that some fans are trying to get some background info like, When did they get fired, How long have they known, How were they fired, do you think they knew when we saw them? Its just fans trying to get inside information about a situation that they hate.

I honestly don't think this thread was generated against you Pheonix, more to try to separate what is on record, "Drake fan club pres comments" vs. "what posters on the web who know somebody who carried water for somebody" said. Pheonix you just happen to have given some very insightful and now what seems profound perspectives on actors moods during the Days event. It doesn't mean that DH was in a good mood or wasn't in a good mood or doesn't have human emotions. It just means that looking back Pheonix seems to have had a really objective and instinctive opinion.

I did not start this thread but I think that was the purpose and I hope I at least clarified Pheonix's role in this thing and gave you another perspective so you don't feel attacked. :smooch:
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