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I am told the cycle for 'picking up' a contract (no matter the length) is typically 13 weeks. Since DH's contract expired end of Aug, her next cycle would actually end Nov 28, unless they don't count hiatus weeks (doesn't the show go on hiatus last week of Nov and last 2 weeks of Dec? And do they take some time around Labor Day too?)

I am wondering
-- a -- because I am still so dumbstruck I can't help but think this is a stunt [my reasoning is they would have to pick up another 13 weeks unless she stops taping end of Nov...which means she's technically not 'released' until end of Feb (which would be airing end of March)-- that's off canvas but then they could reintro her/them if ratings tank without them...]
-- I understand the fact that I am even having these thoughts is truly pathetic-- I am just so upset hanging in there for so long this year and then being left twisting in the wind

-- b-- because I wonder when they will 'leave the canvas'-- if they aren't taping into Dec, it would prob be first week of Jan-- how are they gonna deal with the story that fast?

-- c-- because this whole thing makes me sad...DH's on LATV talking about her parking space one day, and out of a job the next? I mean, the world is cold, I get it. But I will miss DOOL. I will NEVER watch it again once the DHs are off-canvas, but it's pretty depressing in the real world-- wish it weren't reflected in my little former fictional-fave world too...

Anyway, curious if anyone knows...and sorry if I posted in the wrong spot....I am a 'lil scared of the timeline thread-- don't wanna offend anyone except Corday and his nasty band of idiots-- them I wanna offend-- deeply.
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