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Nov 9 2008, 11:10 PM
From an anonymous source. Thanks again!

Spoilers for the week of November 24th:

---While at the lodge waiting for EJ, Nicole was hit with terrible cramps. She called Brady and he rushed her to the nearest clinic. Her blood pressure spiked; she was in pre-term labor. She lost her baby and Brady had to break the terrible news to her. When she was back in Salem, she couldn't bring herself to tell EJ. She could only tell him that the baby had been in danger, but was fine. It's only a matter of time before EJ figures out the truth......

---Rafe brought Hilda in to watch Sami and he left to spy on EJ. He learned that EJ would do anything for his kids and realized why Sami had to keep her child away from the DiMeras. Meanwhile, Hilda had taken some cold medicine and passed out. Sami escaped and checked out a nearby convent. She met Sister Teresa and told the nun her name was Colleen. Sister Teresa offered to help her.

---Chelsea and Maggie both visited Nick at the police station. He continued to defend Melanie while Chelsea blamed the other girl for what had happened to him. Nick asked Maggie to let Melanie stay with her. She reluctantly agreed. Meanwhile, Melanie had applied for an administrative assistant job online but learned that Philip was her interviewer. He refused to hire her.

---Chelsea finally had it out with Melanie. Philip had to break up their fight. Chelsea ran to Max, who promised he'd always be there for her. Melanie, however, stayed at the Pub, where she sweet talked an older man then stole his wallet. He caught her in the alley and Philip had to save her again. Seeing how bad off she really was, Philip finally offered her a job.

---Kate was released from the hospital and given an impromptu surprise party. Daniel was called away, however, and got some bad news. Did they start the party too soon?

---Someone was still feeling uncertain about his relationship. After they ran into Brady at the pub, Lucas could not hide his jealousy from Chloe. She reassured him that he was her future; Brady was her past.
I wish they would quit shoving Chloe and Lucas down ppls throat. Those two are far from being anything of any benefit, lol They have no chemistry and he's too short for her. She needs to move on with Dr.Dan and let Lucas' go. JMO
I cant wait to see what is up Rafe's sleeve with all of the "fact searching" hes doin one Ej, but I'm excited to find out. I really like Rafe and I believe that he's gonna be Sami's new interest.
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