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Nov 23 2008, 01:01 PM
Nov 23 2008, 12:53 PM
I haven't been online terribly long in the scheme of things, but I honestly don't get the J&M fan hatred. It seems like any remark a person who likes J&M says is construed negatively. If the situations with J&M and Bope were reversed, my post would've been the same.

As far as age goes, I think ALL fans regardless of age would like actual stories that go somewhere vs. constant couple changing that leads nowhere and has all fans in limbo, but again that is just my opinion.

Personally, I hate that J&M are leaving like this, and I'm sad, but I feel mostly relieved. I haven't enjoyed the writing that they and others have had under Higley. If I'm not mistaken, you said something similar in another post about Nicole. I think you should feel excited and enjoy the show, not feel dragged down all the time. The writing is terrible. They can fire all the actors and crew they want to make up the 40%, but that is not the problem with the show, imo. J&M are gone now, so it really doesn't matter to me, but Bope, Payla, Tanna, Stefano, Ej, Sami, Nicole, Abe, Lexie, Kate and others that I enjoyed over the years are still there. I think they should take a look at the writing vs. just firing people to make up the 40%. I can certainly be wrong. Maybe they already have. There is certainly a lot I don't know, but I was just stating my opinion given what I have read.

I was a huge Doug and Julie fan before D&D ever joined the show. I still miss Kim and Shane, as well as Jack and Jennifer, Carrie and Mike, Belle, and others. I missed them terribly when they left. I love every time I see Doug and Julie back. I think a message board is the appropriate place to discuss your feelings over the show regardless of what character you like or dislike. No one is ever going to agree with everyone else. They are just not, but I think everyone has a right to their opinions even if others don't agree. That is why there are message boards. I like to get a new perspective on things from reading other opinions, so I'm glad everyone doesn't have to agree.
I think it is more some issue with Deidre Hall based on her posts. And if you respond, then she talks about how soaps are not as important as real life. Well, duh, it is condescending to say so imo on a soap message board. I am pretty sure that every poster on this board has a real life that has nothing to do with Days.

Isn't it condescending and rather rude to discuss other posters, instead of the thread topic and members' opinions about it? It's fine to disagree but why make it personal? :huh1:
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