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Nov 26 2008, 02:51 AM
Nov 26 2008, 02:46 AM
Nov 26 2008, 02:39 AM
Thom Racina sucks, and his writing is so 80's that it wouldn't translate well into today's soap opera environment. But, in a way, DAYS is still stuck in the 80's with the whole supercouple bullshit (not trying to offend any fans), but supercouples are extremely limited, and storylines for couples like that tend to be extremely farfetched. Racina is a fan of farfetched stories. DAYS was creatively the biggest GH rip-off of the 80's, but while GH outgrew that supercouple stuff and progressed into a more contemporary show, DAYS had tried too hard over the years to recapture that supercouple heyday of the 80's, and it just gets tiring after a while.

DAYS needs someone like a Wendy Riche (former GH EP), who came into GH in the early 90's, totally redefined that show while paying attention to its complex history, but brought it into a contemporary era where it didn't have to succeed by trying to recapture past glory days.

That's my opinion of course...
That may be the case but he'd be a good writer to finish Days of our Lives, IMO. We all know this show doesn't have a future, not a long one anyway.
Yeah, but how do we know he'd be a good writer to finish DAYS off?

Racina's stories in the 80's had too much of a sci-fi influence, were too couple-centric, and TOTALLY befitting of that era. He might update his writing style to match today's world, but who knows.

Anyone can write a decent final episode, but I don't think anyone wants one of the show's final big storylines to be Bo and Hope saving the world just before Stefano deep-freezes it or some bullshit.
With Days fans, you'd be surprised LOL
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