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Nov 26 2008, 01:15 AM
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Nov 26 2008, 01:07 AM
IMO the Marlena character far from embodies that comment. All she's been doing for months is harping on how Jawn isn't the man he used to be and how he's not up to par with "my John". She's repeatedly criticized him and hurt him a great deal by rejecting him over and over. So . . . I'm not seeing how that can possibly qualify as unconditional love, never mind the embodiment of it. :shrug:
I hate how Marlena's been written under Higley. But that's less than a year (of "New John" and Marlena), and J&M have had a relationship since 1986. Various writers through the years have separated J&M in different ways, but most have respected the underlying dynamics between them. Higley has not even done that.
I agee with Ellie. I hate the way Marlena was written from April to August. Dena turned her into some pod person who either never wanted to discuss her and John or someone who kept looking for old John. This was not in character for my Marlena.

BTW, I also hate nuJohn. The no smiling thing really bugs me and the no emotions got really boring by April. I liked John when he went after Stefano in August but beyond that I have really not been big on this 2.0 emotoJohn. Real John would also never bang Marlena's head into a door, leave her crying on the floor while he played lets break apart the lab toys with some strumpet and then rubbed her nose in his affair with Ava.

Neither J nor M have been treated well by Dena Higleys writing.
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