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Please link back to DR. Thanks! :)

From the latest issue of SOW...

Arianne Zucker says that Nicole isn't "scheming" to keep the truth about her miscarriage from EJ -- she's just so desperate because she's afraid of losing her dream life. She never expected to have something as "positive and happy" in her life as a baby, and now that she's miscarried, she's terrified of losing EJ.

Dr. Baker tells Nicole that she will never be able to have another child. Sad and devastated, Nicole ends up going to a maternity store where the sales lady persuades her to put on a dress. It's a dress that pregnant women are meant to wear when they're larger, so she gives Nicole a fake "baby belly" to wear as she tries it on. That's what gives her the idea to continue faking her pregnancy.

Nicole takes the fake belly home and ends up getting a visit from Brady. He is confused and asks her what the hell she's doing, and she explains that she just can't tell EJ that she's lost the baby yet. Brady is reluctant to keep her secret, but once he sees how desperate she is, he agrees to go along with it.

EJ comes home and Nicole panics when he tells her that he went to visit Dr. Baker. However, her fears are put at ease when he informs her that he wasn't given permission to access her medical records. Later, EJ suggests that they visit Dr. Baker together and Nicole decides that this is the perfect time to tell him the truth.

The two of them end up going to the clinic but EJ gets a phonecall, leaving Nicole alone with the doctor. Nicole tries to bribe Dr. Baker to keep her secret. When EJ returns, Nicole tells him that everything is fine with the baby and Dr. Baker doesn't say anything.

When Stefano learns of the complications with Nicole's pregnancy, he informs her that he is flying in his own personal physician be her doctor. EJ is thrilled with the idea, but Nicole is terrified that Stefano will discover the truth and kill her.

Nicole gets tough with Stefano, telling him that she doesn't appreciate him going behind her back and choosing her doctor -- "it's MY body!" Arianne Zucker says that Nicole really tells Stefano off, and it's great. Nicole really stands her ground. EJ and Stefano "relent -- for now."

Nicole is happy that she has dodged yet another close call, but she knows that she doesn't have a long-term plan to continue with the lie. She's playing it all day-by-day, convinced that EJ won't love her or stay with her if she finds out that she's no longer pregnant with his child.
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