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Nov 26 2008, 05:19 PM
I wish they would just make their storyline decisions, then their cuts, then tell the cast and crew. It seems unnecessarily cruel to make them a work within that atmosphere, especially with the whole "spokes on a wheel" comment really confirming how important they are (which is kind of stupid- won't a wheel be structurally weaker if you rip out spokes and replace them with cheaper material?).

And it would be nice for viewers to imagine that there's an actual plan and not just "let's see what sticks" for what's probably the final run for the show. This is, like, year 3 of obvious chaos. It's starting to be less amusing.
Well, I donīt think the actors are stupid. Itīs absolutely obvious from the last two months what characters are expendable and what not, atleast in the eyes of Tomlin/Corday. I think people like SN, MBE, TP in the first case, and NB, BD, LK close behind can be only pleasantly surprised if they donīt get the boot because the writing is on the wall.

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