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Well, I'm happy for him (because I know he'll be successful!), but I'm sorry for those of us who really liked Nick and like seeing high-caliber acting on Days. Those are whittling down more and more. I just wish I knew if he left of his own volition or if he was a casualty of more of the housecleaning. I just can't have confidence in Days anymore. Since the whole strike crap, the diva story, hirings-firings, the whole Drake and Dee saga, the bullcrap about JKJ, and now this, I cannot muster much enthusiasm to watch the show, but I guess I will to see Nick and Ari's story to the end.
The way things are going with the good actors leaving, I guess Ari will be next. I'm just amazed JKJ's situation was reversed for whatever reason. The impeding actor's strike must have something to do with that, because I can't see JKJ wanting to do this Melanie thing, but what do I know? I just hope the writer's strike (if it happens) doesn't affect Blake's Starter Wife gig.
And, the whittling away of the Hortons? It's sad when the foundation families of a show disappear. All the missed opportunities............the ideas I see on message boards are so much better than the crap that gets churned out. The opportunity to bring back Jessica-the emotion that could have been wrought from that...........pisses me off.
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