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I will miss Blake but I do think it's possible that he may have wanted out too. I mean, he did get a primetime gig and I wouldn't be shocked if he wanted out too. He was on the backburner most of 2008 and the last half of 2007. I do think it's weird the show is holding on to him into January when he can easily go now, especially since I can't see them doing anything but sending him off to prison or a hospital. I guess this means they will at least redeem him in the end in some way. I can't see why else they would bother keeping him another month.

I think what hurts is it's another Horton leaving but that's been happening since the 90's and I hardly ever felt Nick was really a Horton except at Christmas and around Maggie, Abby, or Jeremy. They just never really defined him enough as a Horton on his own.

Days had such a talented young core and now Abby and Nick are gone. It's still talented but the show needed young Horton's and now it doesn't have that.
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