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You know...I understand the show has to do this but I wish they had just announced everything at once. It's not good for the fans or the actors. It pretty much screams they have no plan and only Drake and Dee were planned out a little more since that one happened right off the bat. I almost get the feeling Corday and co are going to be looking at fan response and such to determine things now. Just go ahead and cut and let's move on. I hate all this little by little shit.

I don't think Steve and Kayla will go now. I really don't. I think they will want a second supercouple and they both took cuts once and they probably will again. I think Joe Mascolo will stay on the remainder of his contract. Thaoo and Leann are definitely gone though.

Whoever the anonymous people are in this article speak the truth. It really isn't personal and whether or not it's a mistake or not will work itself out. It's something the show had to do. They had to cut massive salary and axing half the cast to do it is not the way IMO. If it doesn't work, you bring Drake and Dee back and try something else but I do think the show has to at least try this. It's not like J&M are doing anything worth a damn right now anyway.

I'm glad they called in Ali for cuts. I was wondering if they would dare do that. I would hope she would be willing with her having a second job and all. If Peter and Kristian can do it, so can she IMO.

I just hope all the cuts and changes are out there by the end of the year so 2009 can start off relatively calm.
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