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Nov 28 2008, 12:59 AM
I actually think this sounds good, providing we don't get the same writing for Marlena we did on Monday and Tuesday.

I only wish they had a chance to play this out more. Now they will start this and it will all be tied up fast to send their off so I'm already expecting a sloppy transition.
I agree with you. Unless they are intentionally sabotaging J&M (and I'd like to think they really aren't despite my feelings over their writing since May), I think this could be a nice lead-in to getting them back together.

Whatever the intent originally was, now that we know they are leaving, I just can't imagine them putting John with another woman, then hoping to send J&M off happily in January.

I like the idea that Marlena is pushing John to see a therapist
(when I suspend belief to allow that a psychiatrist can treat 'brain cloud').

I rather like that she thinks she is sending him to a male shrink and will be unpleasantly surprised to find that the person she is forcing him to go to is a woman.
(again, suspending belief that she'd not know this guy has stopped practicing and has turned over his practice to his daughter who can 'un-ethically' just take over cases and look at records without anyone's permission).

I've always liked Marlena jealous, and I do think that if she sees someone else looking at John for what he is vs. what he isn't, it could make for some nice scenes. Aka, wake her up.
(since I've suspended belief that Marlena would ever just give up on John like she has when he was sincerely trying and also suffering).

I also think that someone telling John that it's ok that he's not old John will make him less defensive. I'd love for him to relax and be more like real John before he goes. I'd prefer for Marlena to give him a chance as new John before he turns into old John, if they turn him into old John.

If they flip a switch and make him old John and all is right with the world, I'll be kinda disappointed, although at this rate, I just want them not to go out completely demolished.

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