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Nov 28 2008, 09:17 AM
It is the economy in part. What do you think commercials are for? If people don't buy the product, the advertisers won't pay for their advertising or cut it. If people are cutting back, they won't buy products. (Think about the car industry and the gazillions they probably put into advertising). If people aren't buying products, the manufacturers have to start making cuts. If there's a show that's doing so-so in the ratings, the manufacturer will put its advertising there and seek a bigger audience elsewhere. There's another thread going around about ABC having to slash salaries, too, I think.
It's cyclical. One affects the other.
I agree the economy is partly to blame. Ad revenue is down, which affects the networks' budgets. My husband was remarking the other day about the decrease in car commercials, which was always a dependable advertiser for many shows.

I'm so glad to hear Kristian and Peter are staying. If they left, on top of Drake and Deidre leaving, that would have been a huge blow to the show. Although I like John and Marlena, Bo and Hope have always been my favorite supercouple, probably because I have such vivid memories of the storylines about Hope's birth and her mother's death.
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