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Pudge Goddess
Nov 26 2008, 01:07 AM
Nov 24 2008, 10:14 PM
The whole notion that Corday sat there in Australia talking about the show being about the 'redemptive power of unconditional love' and then axing the two that embodied the comment shows that he is either a spineless stupid, callow idiot, or a backstabbing idiot, or just an idiot. Full stop.

I know I will not watch a show that treats actors and fans with this level of disrespect and total disingeniousnous. I will watch until D&D sign off, and then I will sign off, and wish the show exactly what it deserves.
IMO the Marlena character far from embodies that comment. All she's been doing for months is harping on how Jawn isn't the man he used to be and how he's not up to par with "my John". She's repeatedly criticized him and hurt him a great deal by rejecting him over and over. So . . . I'm not seeing how that can possibly qualify as unconditional love, never mind the embodiment of it. :shrug:
How did she hurt someone who claims they have no emotions? :huh1:
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