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Nov 28 2008, 09:22 PM
Nov 28 2008, 08:06 PM
I can't help but love Nicole and root for her and the funny thing is that I like her because of all of the terrible things in her past. I know what she has done but I don't hate her for them and I just don't have it in my heart to mock even a fictional character for being in porn as a CHILD when she was drugged and forced into it by her father and just miscarried a baby she loved and wanted. :shame: I find the timing of your post rather off putting ges.

Nicole might have a sordid past and she might not be perfect but I happen to find her perfectly entertaining, in large part due to the wonderful acting done by Arianne Zuker and I'll say it, IMO, AS would have made a hash of those scenes if she had been given the same material.

ilovemydays - i agree with you. Nicole's past just makes me want to root for her all the more. It even kind of gives her a reason for her attitude, where as some other characters are just sluts because they are stupid and pathetic.

I saw this on Prevuze, and I just can't get behind the certain mentality that because Nicole is a threat to some people, she is automatically the devil incarnate and an awful character. EVERYONE on daytime TV is a slut...why do we pick on the one who was forced into porn by her father and sexually abused? Horrific if you really think about it.
Oh well. I don't blame the girl...if it were EJ I was looking at, I'd be a slut too...and she won the man!

Nicole has been the most interesting and entertaining character this year, and Ari has just blown me away with her realistic portrayal of all emotions.
:applause: Heck yeah, both excellent posts! ICAM. I believe, with the exception of her affair with Colin while married to Victor, Nicole has only slept with one man (relationship) at a time. In the time she has been back on the show, she has only been with one man. Like the others said, at least Nicole has the history to explain her emotional and psychological scars that provoke her actions. Unlike so many others on soaps that jump from bed to bed (to elevator) to bed without any real reason.
I hated Nicole when she was on before, but this "newer", more layered Nicole (and Ari's outstanding performances) really make me feel for her.
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