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Nov 28 2008, 10:16 AM
Nov 28 2008, 02:16 AM
Nov 28 2008, 02:04 AM
I think the sendoff will be fine.

It's everything before it that concerns me, especially with what we have been getting lately.
I hope you're right, but I can't think of a reason that it will be. Both the current writing for J&M and the fact that Drake and Deidre were fired tell me that the show considers J&M basically irrelevant at this point. The only reason I think the show might try to give them a suitable finale is to get a ratings bump, but the show's current ratings strategy seems to involve Melanie. If those are the type of stories that Tomlin and Higley value, then I really don't have any expectation that J&M's final episodes will be done well.

As for their story now - I think it's terrible, but I think that also proves my point. Will these same writers all of a sudden be able to shift from "Ava part II" to a few once-in-a-lifetime John and Marlena episodes? I don't have high hopes for that.
I have very low expectations for their finale for exactly the same reasons.
So do I. You don't just change style at the end. If they didn't get John and especially Marlena (since she did not lose her memory) all year, why should it change now. The only way it would be half ways decent would be to let Deidre and Drake ad lib a bit, and we know that is not going to happen, so I'm kind of dreading it in a way. And they don't have time to write a real ending to this story. It's going to be everything I didn't want it to be. A quick ending so they can just get it over with. It will be just like all the other so called 'payoffs' that never materialized or happened off screen for the past 5 years. And they wonder why fans tune out.
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