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That's been up a couple of days. My question still is: "willl remain" until when? I've yet to see anything that indicates he signed a new contract. I don't see why it's so hard for the soap "press" to get an answer to and subsequently report said answer to that question. Perhaps it's too much of a habit of mine to parse statements, but to me saying he'll "remain," when the same mag previously reported he cleared out his dressing room and actors were already in for possible recasts, could very well mean only that he's "remaining" until the end of his current contract. Maybe I'm just too used to the sports world, but when, for example, an NBA player signs a new deal there's a press release and there's no confusion or guessing about it. Now, if there hadn't been the prior report about JKJ supposedly walking off and possible recasts, I wouldn't be so skeptical about the wording--but with that prior report, I have to wonder why they don't just come out and say he signed a new deal.
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