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Nov 28 2008, 01:22 AM
I figured it would be around this time.

Wish it was during sweeps or the 11,000th episode. I just think it would help to have some more time because I have a feeling the exit is going to be shoddy as it seems the show is focusing on the story that was in place already for the next few weeks. We'll see.

I think I'm at the point where I just want them offscreen after the shitty stuff we've seen of them so far this week.
That's pretty much how I feel. ALthough I missed most of the 90's and a great part of the 80's, for me, Marlena's heyday was with Don. She stopped being a favorite when I started watching in earnest again in 2005. John and Marlena never held any charm for me. For me, they do better apart. I even survived Marlena's first leaving when Deidre went to Our House, I guess, because I could still see her. But again, that charm has gone. I would be interested in seeing her in another role so it's Deidre Hall I"m seeing, and not Marlena all the time. Personally, fate might have made this the best possible thing for them. Time will tell, but sometimes, chapters have to end.

But, I'll quit totally watching if there are NO stories that catch my interest or terrific actors that catch my eye. Blake leaving has already gotten me down, because of his awesome acting, and if Nicole's character takes a battering, that's it, unless Whitsell (I won't even consider Higley anymore) does something miraculous with something new.

I'm used to actors leaving, even long-term actors. I survived George Clooney leaving ER, I survived Jerry Orbach's death on L&O, and I was able to give up Days before. Not because Doug and Julie dwindled, but because RL and no VCR just took over, and I got tired of the stories. When I like the stories, I find new favorites. Now, maybe if they totally write off Alice, then I might consider quitting. To me, ALICE is the final blow. Alice was there at the beginning, and I'd like to see her there at the end. I know Frances Reid has scarcely been on, but Alice still lives. Or, if Suzanne Rogers leaves. Those two are the basis and heart of the Horton family, which was the original foundation family. John and Marlena have nothing to do with the Hortons except as friends.

I'm not too sure this will matter much to the ratings anyway, because, according to what I read on boards, most of the Marlena fans quit watching anyway a long time ago.

Besides, this might not be permanent. Sure, they'll probably be asked back. Will they spit in Corday's eye? Who knows? I have this feeling, though, they'll be back for some things, if not permanently if some things change. (I know, that's a big if). But, nothing that happens with this show surprises me anymore.
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