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Nov 28 2008, 10:55 PM
Nov 28 2008, 10:42 PM
Nov 28 2008, 10:23 PM
Nov 28 2008, 10:07 PM
I believe, with the exception of her affair with Colin while married to Victor, Nicole has only slept with one man (relationship) at a time.
I recall Nicole cheating on Victor with a lawyer or something several years back, as well. I can't remember his name, but I remember this really cheesy scene where we saw Nicole's leg hoisted up in front of the camera as she pulled her pantyhose back up while he watched her from across the room, LoL.
And that's the issue Nicole-fans need to understand and not take personally when people call the character of Nicole names that are... um... "less than chaste"

It's not so much that she's doing anything a lot of soap characters don't do (in fact, there are plenty of people on soaps who have gotten around). It's the way everyone at the show portrays her - case in point, the way the scene Kenny described was shot. They didn't have to shoot it that way, but they did.

I'm a big Nicole fan myself, and think Ari is doing a fantastic job. But I certainly also understand why people who think Nicole is trashier than most female soap characters who have gotten around. It's not so much a numbers game, as the way the show has presented her in their shots, their framing, their music, etc. in the past.

I have no problem accepting how Nicole was in the PAST but I do take exception to calling her names that no longer pertain to who she is now. I am equally annoyed by people that say "once a rapist always a rapist". Characters should be allowed to learn from their past mistakes, to grow and evolve without getting cornered in by previous bad writing.

Whatever Nicole was before it should not restrict her from becoming a better person/character.
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That's all. Very few people continue to call Jack a rapist. Does anyone call Sami a rapist? I don't think anyone calls Julie a slut anymore. No one calls Doug a con man anymore. (course, I guess youngsters don't remember that!) Steve had a very unsavory past when he first showed up. Billie has a good soul, but is weak when it comes to men, and she gets called that name (or did) a lot, too. Most characters who are considered interlopers do. I think many people still consider Nicole an interloper instead of a viable rootable character. It would be different if she was pimped or promoted as a heroine. For instance, Marlena's little tryst with John on the conference table. She was still married to Roman. You'll find TONS of arguments in favor of that tryst, even though, in reality, it was adultery and she could have been considered a slut had she not been touted as the heroine. And, in my defense, I'm using this as an example because there ARE people who were pissed off and turned off to Marlena because of this, and it's been a little matter of controversy in some parts. Unfortunately, since I've had huge viewing gaps in the past, my arsenal of examples are low.

But, I guess Nicole's turnaround hasn't been long enough for people to stop calling her names. I can see that. No matter what, though, I've always liked Nicole. I liked her sauce and wit and sardonic nature. And, often, I tend to root for the "underdog".

And, unfortunately, the spoilers aren't helping Nicole's character cause. And, down the road, it remains to be seen whether she's written as a viable match for EJ, or if she's just another catalyst for those friggin' "meant to be" couples.
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