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Nov 29 2008, 03:47 AM
Nov 26 2008, 12:19 PM
Thanks Ellie. :D Too bad Deidre and Drake weren't offered the same option as the others. It just proves to me that Corday and NBC didn't want them. As for the "bloodbath" it seems like a trickle to me lol.
ITA Jules. How nice of Corday to offer the rest of the cast the option to keep their jobs...
Yes, and I'm sure NBC is just as guilty as Corday. It's interesting to see that some say no one actor is bigger than the show and that it's an emsemble(I guess they all agree with Corday's spokes in the wheel theory), but the converse isn't true. How about everyone in the emsemble getting the same option? And so much for "nods to history" and keeping what's been so important to the roots of the show. Why not just be honest and call the nuDays and be done with the charade.
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