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Nov 29 2008, 03:15 AM
Nov 28 2008, 11:27 PM
daytimeconfidential is the only outlet that specifically said he "inked a new deal." However, though they quoted a source or sources directly about the guys who had come in for recasts, there is no direct quote about the new deal, and no confirmation from the show. This really ought to be very, very simple to confirm, and I can't imagine SOD doesn't understand how to ask a simple "yes" or "no" question: Did JKJ sign a new contract? If they don't know how to do that, then they're incompetent. I would like to be able to read a magazine report and see a clear statement without me having to guess about it.
Well, I believe daytimeconfidental source was true because it was the same post where he informed about KA/PR accepting the paycuts and staying and that was already confirmed by Alfonso herself.

I think what the mag want is you to buy a new issue, where there will be probably another interview with Corday saying pretty much the same daytimeconfidental source said.

I was referring to this post from daytime confidential and there's nothing about PR or KA in it. The post you're referring to is the one that said Jay was back on set and it was all a misunderstanding. Again, to me, all that says is that Jay came back to finish out his existing contract. The subsequent post does say (without direct quotation, though the source was happy to give direct quotes about the potential recasts) that Jay signed a new deal, but I don't understand why the show won't confirm and SOD hasn't yet used wording relating to a new contract. Like I said, SOD is the one that reported he cleared out his dressing room and potential recasts were being seen. "Will remain" tells me nothing about the length of time he will stay; it may very well mean he signed a new contract and I'm actually assuming he probably did. So far, however, the fact remains that nobody but daytimeconfidential has gone out on that limb and I don't understand why, if Jay did sign a new deal, SOD can't simply get confirmation of that and use those words on their website, intead of "breaking news" that "JKJ will remain" for some undetermined length of time.
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