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Nov 29 2008, 11:12 AM
Apparently, Peter and Kristian's salaries don't come close to John and Marlena's. And, I think I mentioned (maybe it was in another post), Bo and Hope represent both of the core families...the Hortons and Bradys. Plus, Hope's character has been on canvas since 1974, I believe, again, a tie to the original family. She was born on the show and grew up on the show.

Again, my case.......remember D&D's extended vacations, most of them contract related. They didn't want D&D on more than their contract stipulated so they wouldn't have to pay them more money.

Plus, Bo and Hope are now the Salem PD, pretty much. They haven't shown Marlena with a patient in quite a while, since, who? Eve Plumb?

Leaving Bo and Hope on, with their pay cuts, keeps some vets on, keeps Salem PD going, leaves Salem with someone to do investigating, adds another babysitter, and another good ear. Slashing John and Marlena gives an apparently much-needed budget relief.

You don't have to believe my scenario, but unless you can come up with another reason, this is what I'm going with. :D I don't believe the stuff about the young demographics. Bo and Hope are staying so far, as are Steve and Kayla, Abe and Lexie, Maggie, Victor, and Caroline. Although a lot of attention is on Melanie, so is there attention on Nicole and EJ (both late 20's/early 30's demographic...hardly the sorority scene). The musical couples scene is something that happens, apparently, on other soaps. They're just not using their brains about it.

Why else would Corday want to cut what many consider the powerhouse couple? Unless there are other backstage problems with them that we don't know about that involve clashing personalities. We don't know the whole truth, and probably won't until the whole story is over with.

Your last paragraph indicates how it affects you. Yes, that's understandable. BUT, TPTB, for better or worse, have to consider all the factors that affect the show as a WHOLE. We all look at this as to how it will affect OUR viewing. And Corday has screwed up plenty, but right now, this might be one of his few options left. He has to look at the whole picture. Maybe he is making a mistake. But, I'm trying very hard not to view this based on my personal preferences. That's why I'm disappointed in Blake going, but am thinking it's probably the best for Blake.
Thanks for the clarification. I can't argue with the fact that Bo and Hope as Brady and Horton tie the show historically. I've always loved the Horton connection. Family and history just doesn't seem to be much of a factor anymore to the show. It's one of the things I really miss. Nick was a Horton, and one of the few younger characters I actually liked as a good person. I've never really viewed Lucas as a Horton. I feel like it's going to be a sad Christmas with just Maggie, Mickey, Bope, Lucas, hopefully, Doug and Julie. I miss Mike.

Technically, Bo isn't a Brady and John is, but I rather preferred John being an adopted Brady vs. one by Colleen anyway, and I don't see it as a major selling point for J&M over Bope. I don't want to see any selling point of one over the other. Their friendship was one of the things I loved, so I don't want either to go.

My main discussion point they shouldn't be written off due to lack of story/money when I haven't seen good stories for any couple, and I think salary is an issue in 'what they are willing to take' vs. what they are making. As you say, it all boils down to what KC thinks will be good for the show.

I do think Blake and D&D are better off getting off of this wreck, and I'm even better off giving up now than continuing to try to watch. It's still just so depressingly sad for me even if I do logically agree it's for the best. My darn heart won't listen to my head.
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