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Nov 29 2008, 01:34 PM
Nov 28 2008, 11:32 AM
So if he doesn't want to kill anyone or rape anyone, but he wants to be the bad EJ of yore, what does that leave? That is what he did when he was bad, right?
Or does he want to go back to the "torturing Sami" EJ?
I kind of like him the way he is now. He showed a bit of evil in the prison with Nicole, yet he is still coming off as a shady decent guy.

He was best when he was EJ of late 2006...being black glove and beating up on Patrick, and playing Sami. Or when they were both playing each other when Sami tried to set him on fire and EJ almost injected a pregnant woman in her hospital bed. And possibly when he was tricking Sami to believe he was paralyzed. But none of that really was good for EJami because he wasn't being good to Sami.

His worst was when he was toast Grandpa Shawn at his funeral and kissing Sami's ass.

I get the impression that Stefano might be behind Nicole's miscarriage, so maybe EJ will get his own place and do some scheming on his own.
Also get the impression that James isn't going anywhere! Yay!

Love the quotes!
i agree. his comments confused me because he says he wants to be his old self, but not murdering or raping. i guess he just means scheming, but all the scheming i can remember him doing was somehow in relation to obsessing over sami(boring) and the black glove crimes. if we attribute all those to ej, or at least done under his direction/knowledge, then he still did some things that are as distasteful as murder(like the embryo switching, for example.)

i agree that i hate seeing ej being lied to by both sami and nicole. i would like to think the real ej would figure out what's going on and then play the both of them.
One of the things that I was interested in with the Dimera battle was how EJ was going to fit in. While Tony and John went toe-to-toe with Stefano, Ej always seemed to be watching and calculating before reacting. I always felt he was going to react strategically, do what was best for him and his family.

If he were going to be more gray, I'd like him to be like Vic was in the early days. Smooth and calculating, calling the shots, always a step ahead of the game. Not sure how they'd accomplish this unless he does become more involved with Stefano's empire. I've been rather tired of him with lately. I liked him more with just Johnny and Allie, Stefano, Tony, or John than encumbered by Nicole or Sami. Both women seem almost suffocating.
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