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Nov 29 2008, 03:41 AM
Nov 23 2008, 08:23 PM
I don't think we can blame Dena exclusively. DAYS death started with Corday's hiring of Reilly and he trained Dena.

Reilly wasn't all bad. Don't blame the teacher because the student is a dumbass. I do agree that Corday is the cause of all of this.

Amello- it hasn't been canned so I guess the mods don't agree with you.

Dena should die a painfuls slow death by getting repeated paper cuts.
That's funny. People were saying the same thing about Reilly.....and Sheffer....(in regards to slow painful deaths...I hope the people who said that about Reilly have crushing guilt weighing on them now)...I have no idea what they said before Reilly, because I didn't worry about writers before I started cruising on boards....
The more I read boards, the more I wonder if Corday is even the sole problem. I mean, he's proven himself to not be a very savvy businessman, but we don't know what the lack of support is from Sony and/or NBC either.
We're tending to forget that Whitsell is on board now. So, if there's any writing blame to be had, maybe it should be shared now? But, the buck probably stops with Corday and Sony.
The probable situation is..there has been major shit going on at Days for months, nay, years now, and we don't know the half of it and probably never will.
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