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If they once again change the character of EJ he will be a lost cause. There is only so much rapid personality changes in a character before you just don't care anymore. I think they need to give the character a long rest then bring him back, like they did Brady. Brady's first run was god awful. He was the most schizophrenically written character ever, just like EJ. It's too bad writers think they should be allowed to transform characters whenever they choose, nevermind that the audience then rejects them completely.
I don't mean to be a brat about this, but this is coming from a person who is a diehard JnM fan, where one half the pairing, John, has had his personality changed more times than any other character in the history of daytime drama??? REALLY? Are you for real?
Hmmmm, good point. Actually, John's personality changes are OK as long as he keeps worshipping Marlena. ;)

Typical. What personality changes has John had other than the one he is experiencing currently?
let's see, he initially came to town if I remember correctly, w/ no identity whatsoever, then it was discovered he was actually Roman, and then it was found out he wasn't, then he became a priest, then he became a pawn working w/ Stefano and Gina, shall I go on??

Um those are IDENTITIES, not personalities.
Um... Personalities go along w/ each identity, they are not mutually exclusive.. So yes, he did have "rapid" personality changes. At least EJ has only had the one identity.
Sorry, they are not the same thing. Let's not go around in circles on this. I was talking about the character's personality, which is what this topic is about. John has always had the same personality all the time he's been in Salem, except recently.
You're right, why hit my head up against a stubborn brick wall when I don't have to.
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