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I like Sheri Anderson, she's better than alot we've had in recent years. I liked her work in the 80's and also in the 90's(her and JER weren't so bad Co-HWing together). But...I don't believe in all the hype she has. Because, I may beginning to sound like a broken record here and don't get me wrong I loved the 80's and the writing was most likely better back then, but in the 80's, she disgraced history and whatnot like other HWs.

I mean, I think she pretty much demolished the Horton family. Granted that was building up for awhile but she put some nails in their coffin.

And with DePriest, Racina(like them all alot but just bringing up some things), and whoever else, she brought on alot of new people. I loved alot of them but if I recall correctly she was a part of the regime that brought Bo, Hope, Steve, oh heck almost all the Bradys, Shane, etc etc.

Again I love those characters, but back THEN, to old fans, they WERE the newbies shoved down our throat. Along with many others. And if she came back to Days, she may either just continue on with the younger set and make them just like the other characters, or as others say, constant adventures or supercouples.
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