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Nov 30 2008, 03:42 PM
Nov 30 2008, 01:41 PM
Nov 30 2008, 01:39 PM
I think it's all of those things, lady.
I tend to agree with you (and myself! :P ), but I think that with this dwindling interest in soaps came dwindling advertising dollars to begin with. This economy just put the whole soap business in critical care, close to life support. It's just another nail in the proverbial coffin. Along with the writers' strike.
I agree to an extent. Those things play a part of it but I still put the blame on TPTB for not being able to write stories that are new, fresh and draw in viewers. Primetime is struggling too but there are still shows that are able to do what I've said and draw in viewers, shows such as Lost, 24 and Ugly Betty just to name a few. Too many execs rely on trying to strike gold by using old formulas and then complain when they don't work. All in all, the execs and the writers need to think beyond the box.

Days should use this as an opprotunity to tighten up the show and tell smaller but more compelling stories rather than stories about Max and his neices, EJ's potent sperm and all the women who have lusted after Dr. McYucky.
But we're talking about soaps in general, not just Days. When you have shows that are 20-30-40+ years old and have episodes on, for the most part, 5 times a week, don't you think ideas are going to start running stale after a while and storylines get repeated or "borrowed"? Even the best, like OLTL (for me) are borrowing from themselves. I can't speak to Y&R because I haven't watched that for years. When I was younger, soaps were the only choice. Now, they're not for most people, who have cable or satellite. Shoot, people can buy their own DVDs of their favorites shows and watch, now. Or, of course, there's also XBox and Wii for entertainment, or the Web. The choices are just staggering.

From your vantage point, it might be the writing, but we're pondering the people who have watched and wandered off. If they got tired of Days' writing, they could tune into other soaps, but many don't. Several posters have commented that many college kids don't watch anymore, and gyms don't have their TVs set to soaps.
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