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Nov 30 2008, 06:02 PM
Well, maybe DAYS will realize they need to start getting more bang for their buck and use their top paying stars more and not the cheap newbies.
What are going they going to pay them with? Monopoly money? Like it or not, they apparently have a money situation. If people are complaining about the writing and nothing new for the vets, at least they can rerun stories with new faces. They try it with vets, someone will complain that this has already been done with them! If you whittle Melanie, Chelsea, Nick (already whittled), Max, Stephanie........you basically have

1. the autism storyline with Abe and Lexie-people don't like that, plus Theo is relatively a newbie
2. Roman/Bo cop shows-not much to do there if the vets commit the crimes
3. Nicole/EJ (couldn't he be considered a newbie, though)/Sami reruns OR
4. EJ/Sami/Lucas reruns OR
5. Chloe/Philip/Brady reruns OR
6. Nicole/Brady/Chloe reruns
7. Can't bring Ciara back, cause she's a newbie, so what will Hope do besides chase bad guys? And we can't make the vets the bad guys.
8. Steve and Kayla.......they are truly in desperate need of a storyline, but what? investigate criminals who have to be one time day players or recurring? People have already complained about folks like Shirley Jones or Roscoe Borne, whose characters weren't around long enough for us to care, even though they're veteran actors
9. See the next great thing Maggie does to green Chez Rouge?
10. I guess Philip and Victor could tussle over Titan. That won't last long
11. Gotta get rid of Daniel, cause he's a newbie. Therefore, I guess Kate's doctor will be Kayla, and that won't be very romantic. Don't think Kayla will give up Steve
12. Kate will have to meddle in the love lives of her sons again. We can't kill her off cause she's a vet

But then again, is Philip/Chloe/Lucas/EJ/Nicole, et al...are they considered newbies? Vets? Middle-aged?

Yeah, I'm being sarcastic again. I just don't think the money's there. Even ABC has been slowly cutting back on salaries. The difference is, they managed their money better. Now Corday/Sony has to pay the piper. He screwed up too many times. Just like the guy who gets 2-3 mortgages and finds out he can't make the payments and either has to downsize or get his house repossessed. Yeah, the actors and most viewers suffer. That happens in the corporate world, too. Sometimes the bosses just walk off scot-free, except Corday's reputation is probably in shreds. When Days finally goes, that's probably it for him. He's done. At least with all this publicity, D&D probably have some marketability. Whosever publicist got ahold of the media was one smart cookie.
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