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Nov 30 2008, 07:02 PM
Imma say I know almost NOBODY in ANY business that has the same employer for 30 years. Certainly not in show business.

I definitely don't know of any that are fired without warning, heads-up, and planning. If this is a stunt and even if it ISN'T, she had to have known something when her contract expired...That said, something is still WRONG with allowing her to run around, talking about her parking space and how much she loves her character, promoting the show in one breath and being writtten out the next...it's so dumb it is almost impossible...

Even if it is all a tightly scripted strategy though, I'm just done. Fed up, and now, with ZERO reasons to watch at all.

Jan 23, my Days are done.
And that's fine, but like Sprite Eyes said, many of the actors got phone calls. Heck, one actor (the guy who played Patrick) read about it in one of the mags! And many of those actors were promoting the show as much as Hall was. Heck, even after Judi Evans was fired, she was still promoting the show and saying how much she loved Corday and how it was probably a tough decision for him.

But, from rumors I've heard (and I would like to find a source, but for right now it's scuttlebutt), D&D had refused pay cuts in the past, so they probably weren't even approached about it. There is something going on that, probably more than we know.

And I know very few actors on shows who are going to bash their characters and bash the show. There's been a select few, but most of them field their words very carefully. Even if they get fired, they don't want to be known as a malcontent. That would probably cost them another job.

So, I can't feel sorry for Hall just because of that. She's not the only one who has been fired, rightfully or wrongfully. She's not the only actor who has praised her character and job and still got fired. And, she's known at least since the beginning of November. If her last airdate is in January, she's still filming. She's got time to make plans and look. Some actors aren't that lucky.
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