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Some kind of growth, some kind of change. Well, then you must be enjoying the show enormously.
Every character with the exception of Victor has remained silent to keep their jobs. Look how far that got Marlena and John. I think he is the only actor that has said don't f** with me. I don't care about your petty day to day character re-writes. I will remain Victor no matter what you say or adios. You are enjoying the growth of Nicole Walker, that is very nice. I don't like her character. I don't think I am that fussy. i can't even think of another character I don't like. So, to each his own. But as much as the Nicole Walker show has morphed into what used to be Days of Our Lives, I get it. Higley has a thing for Nicole Walker. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Of course. All of the internet chatter must be wrong or overblown. Dena Higley is on the path to saving the show because everone is riveted by the emotional trials of Nicole Walker. She is the path to salvation. I care very much what happens to her.
She is an inspiration to womankind. You can put your faith in Dena Higley on that one. She really knows what the fans want. Yup. Everything is wonderful. Nicole Walker's trials and tribulations is what everybody wants to see.

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