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Nov 29 2008, 08:10 AM
I see what Tim is saying, though. Yeah, not too many storylines are worth a damn, but people keep dancing around the fact that D&D command a pretty damn high salary. What, cut Steve and Kayla, who are probably making a pittance next to J&M? Why do you think D&D have been given such extended vacations in the past? This isn't the first time they've been off-canvas (albeit temporarily) because of money. A lot of you folks love them, I know, but the reality is...they're EXPENSIVE. Expensive +not much storyline=cut. Not much storyline+not as expensive+still has a solid history and/or fanbase=stay (most likely). And, I'm sorry,but sometimes, reality isn't pretty.

And, as speculated on other boards, I'm willing to bet Sami's going to be elevated to the grand dame status. Or, possibly Hope. It will be interesting to see who gets the tag credit (or whatever it's called) at the end of the opening, which now says "and Deidre Hall as Dr. Marlena Evans".

Yeah, Corday's made a clusterfuck of the finances. It's like anyone else. You get your average Joe who hasn't managed money will in the past and hasn't saved, and then when a financial crisis or economy problems hit, their money problems get a double whammy over the person who has planned well for a rainy day. It's the same thing. So, YES, the economy is weighing in on this. It's probably the final catalyst that has pushed Sony, Corday, and/or NBC to the brink, forcing them to make this decision. They can't ignore it anymore. Neither can we. Revenue comes in a big part from commercials. When people aren't buying stuff, companies have to cut their advertising. They'll cut advertising from the shows that aren't bringing in the ratings. That's daytime.

And, Corday should have marketed classic Days scenes or storylines on DVD a long time ago. I've been reading on boards how people wished he would do that for several years now. Could you imagine, if he was selling classic 80's stories, the Possession, SK storyline, Cruise of Deception, or whatever, how that would have helped?

NBC wasn't marketing the show for years. Now, they're marketing it. Another mistake.

Corday fired JER and still had to keep paying on his contract. Another mistake. The writers' strike, of course, didn't help matters.

Everything comes in a cycle. I've quoted Ecclesiates (or, if you will, the Byrds!), "To everything there is a season". This is the down season. If Days doesn't survive it, it's had a better run than Passions had, or many other soaps, and that's something to celebrate.
Exactly. Wonderful post.

I don't think Corday would've done this if there was some other way, especially without negotiation.

This isn't personal and I think it would've gotten to this point with or without Corday mismanaging things. The economy is bad and I doubt Days would've had to cut 40-50% if the rest of NBC wasn't in the toilet. Days just had to follow the rest of NBC in it's cuts and that is why this had to happen. I don't see it happening if not for all that. No way.
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