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Nov 30 2008, 04:04 PM
Nov 29 2008, 09:37 PM
Nov 29 2008, 12:15 AM
I like the idea. It's totally something Nicole would do.
But is it something the "new Nicole" would do? That's part of the reason that I don't like it. Higley has written Nicole as really a changed woman since her return to Salem. Now, Nicole is reverting back to the way she was, but I don't think Higley has built up to that at all. I don't think the viewer should just be left to assume that a very tragic event (such as a miscarriage) is responsible for Nicole's personality transplant at this point. With Kristen, we saw her slow descent into evil. Here, it seems much too sudden, imo.
I respectively disagree :) Even though Nicole has changed for the better, her old demons still exist. From her past history, I don't think in her wildest dreams, someone like EJ DiMera would love her. Sure, he would love her body, but not the whole
Nicole, warts and all. If it plays out how I think it will, Nicole is going to feel extremely guilty the entire time this faux pregnancy lasts. With Kristin, her change in personality happened overnight. Before Aremid, there was nothing that would have given the viewers any indication that she would turn into a nutjob. And if I remember correctly, she certainly didn't feel too much guilt. That whole story was fun to watch and a total campy pleasure. This story, is different, because it really does play into Nicole's past history.
I agree with you and Drew.

Just because Nicole has changed doesn't make this out of character. The writers have made sure to still show us signs of old Nicole all along. She's probably the most layered character on the show right now. We've seen so many sides of her this year and her transformation has been very well-done.

I so agree about Kristen too. I enjoyed the story but that was rushed big time. I thought it started out good during John's trial and the letter arc but once it got to Susan, they seemed to jump ahead in making her what she became.

This promo looks good though. Can't wait.
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