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From the clips I've seen on YouTube, I have to say that I'm really enjoying this Nicole storyline... so far. Most of it is thanks to Ari Z.'s incredible acting though. I just love her!

I'm really afraid that Higley is going to rush this storyline and not give us the "moments" we need to see. I feel like we were already cheated out of a moment on Friday's episode, when Nicole was at the store and the lady brought out the fake belly. From what I saw on YouTube, we never actually got to see the moment when Nicole decided to take the belly and use it to fool EJ. All we saw was her suddenly back at DiMansion looking pregnant again -- we were cheated of the important defining moment of the story. The beat was skipped over, and that's never a good thing. During the Kristen story, we saw every beat played and we always saw the defining moments played for all they were worth. That allowed the audience to really invest and get involved with the story. We need to see each and every moment played and milked for all it's worth, and that's something that Higley has always had trouble with in her stories.

Oh, and can I just say that I LOVED the lighting at DiMansion when Nicole had her nightmare at the beginning of Friday's show? It was so dim and dramatic looking, like a throwback to Maison Blanche or something. Absolutely gorgeous!
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