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Dec 2 2008, 12:33 PM
Dec 2 2008, 01:03 AM
Looking back, Marlena and John, and to a lesser extent, the Carrie, Austin, Sami triangle, were a major part of what helped DAYS achieve such high ratings during JER's run. And certainly, Marlena's demon posession, and her "reveal" as the Salem Serial Killer, brought her to the forefront of the show. However, despite the massive appeal she has to her ardent fans, to many people, the character has become a joke. John and Marlena have become a joke. Their constant presumed deaths, amnesia, brainwashing, yearly kidnappings.... For a lot of people, it's hard to take her seriously. I still think that Marlena should be on the show, but the show will move on without her, and if DAYS would use actresses such as Suzanne Rogers, Susan Seaforth Hayes, and Renee Jones to their full potential, well, i don't think there will be any difference in the ratings. She will be missed, just like she was last time. But, from a story perspective, I believe that Hope offers more potential to the show than Marlena, and maybe it's time to give John and Marlena the happy ending they deserve and just move on. Although I know how hard that it for fans of the couple and Dee, the actress
I love Maggie, Julie, and Lexie, and I'd love to see the writers on the show use every character to their full potential, but I think if they used John and Marlena to their full potential they could get more viewers back than Maggie, Julie, and Lexie would draw in combined.

I hear alot that people don't like the stories that have gone too far, but I wouldn't be surprised if many do prefer more action based fun than sitting around talking. I watched Days for excitement.

Someone posted that Days needed it's identity back, and I think that's a big part of the problem. Days got reamed for it's fanciful plots during the 90s, but they had viewers back then. Y&R might have been the 'better' show, but people liked Days because it gave them something different. Some people like pure escapism and fun over dreary day to day life. If it were offered well again, it might surprise people. But soapolitically, it seems like no one wants to advocate camp because of the camp that failed so dramatically. I would be willing to bet more boring love stories failed on the show than the action stories, but the high camp sticks out.

I don't think Marlena is any more of a joke than anyone on Days right now or any plot. It's all silly right now, so singling them out at a time when every character is being pretty much destroyed including them is unfair. After this baby faking deal, would it be impossible to ever take Nicole seriously? She's performing in a story, and she can move on from it hopefully, like she has all the other stuff she's played.

Sure their outrageous history is well-known, but if you actually watch them on the show (when portrayed more like themselves than they have been this year), John and Marlena are a couple founded on love. You don't get better than that for a soap couple. I know all the crazy stuff, but the love is what J&M are about. I will joke about their antics with other J&M fans, but they are far from a joke to me. I love their crazy mixed-up history.

I think when people talk about J&M, they talk about the fun stuff, but when they watch, they watch the current story. Unfortunately, their current story sucked, as did most of the stories this year. They're just being singled out for it because they have the 'misfortune' of being highly paid for doing a job well over the years. It is really not their fault that this story was so awful.

This is just my opinion, and I don't disrespect yours at all. There is no way to really know how all people really feel. I just wanted to give my viewpoint.
I appreciate the response, and i understand your feelings. It's bad enough when your favorites are let go, it's even harder when they are bashed. I really do truly love Marlena; John not so much. I wish that we could go back to November 2007, when John died. His death and Marlena's reaction to it, brought so much depth back to the character. I know it hurt the John and Marlena fans, but Marlena could have had so much story after that. I'm pretty wishy washy with my feelings here, but I just want the show to survive.
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