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I still think that Marlena should be on the show, but the show will move on without her, and if DAYS would use actresses such as Suzanne Rogers, Susan Seaforth Hayes, and Renee Jones to their full potential, well, i don't think there will be any difference in the ratings.
I don't necessarily agree, but either way, do you really think they'd do that? I think many are viewing this firing as "the beginning of the end" for Days. I personally think it's a sign that the vets are going to be used less than they are now (or not at all), and that Bo and Hope are going to turn into the Jim and Cindy Walsh of Salem. If someone could convince me that Drake and Deidre were fired so that the other vets could be used more, then I would feel better about this. But right now, I see it this way: if Days is willing to cut their (yes, arguably) most 'famous' veteran actors, then they can't value any of their other veteran actors that much at all.
I hear what you are saying, but even on the crapfest that is GL, Josh and Reva still get major story, so why not Bo and Hope?
Because Days desn't have a record of doing that.
actually, DAYS more than most other soaps, keeps their longtime stars frontburner. In the top 10 rankings of airtime this year, Dee, Drake, Peter, and Kristian are all there. After the budget cut, who the heck knows what will happen.
I agree. The issue isn't them being used (unless you are Steve, Kayla, Tony, or Anna). The issue is how they are used in terms of story. It seems like people will easily forget how much characters were used if the story sucks but, if the story is good, it's easier to notice how much they were used.

J&M and Bope have been used a ton this year and Steve and Kayla were used a ton early on. Even with the recent focus on the young cast/Nicole/EJ/etc, the show is still using vets pretty well (Bo, Hope, Maggie, Kate, Stefano, etc). Whether you like how they are being used or not is an entirely different issue LOL.
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