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Dec 2 2008, 02:31 PM
I appreciate the response, and i understand your feelings. It's bad enough when your favorites are let go, it's even harder when they are bashed. I really do truly love Marlena; John not so much. I wish that we could go back to November 2007, when John died. His death and Marlena's reaction to it, brought so much depth back to the character. I know it hurt the John and Marlena fans, but Marlena could have had so much story after that. I'm pretty wishy washy with my feelings here, but I just want the show to survive.
I can certainly understand wishy washy. It's been hard watching the show all year. I guess the reason I still post is that even though I'm resigned to not watching, even feeling like I'll be better off, it's hard to let go after all these years.

I've lost many couples before, and I still love so many characters, but it's just not the same knowing J&M won't be on at all. Losing John actually hits me harder than Marlena, but I love both of them.

Thanks for taking my post in the spirit intended. I dislike Corday and Higley, but I'll still be wishing the best for the show for the fans and the actors. If nothing else, maybe all this hoopla will get tptb to write good stories and re-focus and things will improve.
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