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Dec 2 2008, 08:50 PM
If the cast and crew are just now getting frustrated by Corday then where have they been living for the past few years? Weren't they around when Ashford, Pinson and Madison were fired just after having their contracts renewed? Weren't they around when Drake and Joe were let go only to be brought back a short time later? Weren't they around when airtime for beloved characters was given to newibies who the viewers had no investment in?
I know, I thought that was strange too. I get the sense though, just from having read and seen many cast interviews lately (such as the ones from 'Fanfest'), that the loss of Ed Scott was a real blow to the morale of the cast. So many cast members seemed so enthusiastic about Ed and his work, and I haven't really heard them say the same about Gary Tomlin. I think that Corday's decision to fire Scott might have been what prompted this current frustration and anger, and of course that decision was followed a few months later by the "spokes" interview and the firing of Drake and Deidre.
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