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Dec 2 2008, 08:00 PM
Dec 2 2008, 07:49 PM
Yeah, that's pretty much what I'm saying, although it's a little more than that. Sometime in the summer of 2007 or so, I was having a discussion on another board about Days and how much some hated it and how some loved it, etc. In the course of that discussion, I said something then that I still feel now. There may come a day that I simply cannot watch the show anymore. It happened before in 1992 when it became something I no longer recognized. There have been moments over the last two years when I've been thisclose to saying goodbye again. But, even if I can no longer watch it and no longer recognize the show or the characters that I love, I still can't say I'd wish for it's cancellation. Because if it is still ringing true for somebody out there, then I don't want them to lose that. As long as somebody is watching and enjoying, then I'd like to see Days survive. I can choose not to watch it, but I don't want somebody to make that choice for everybody.
That makes sense. I guess I feel differently on that point, because I think "Days" as a creative entity has some value. For example, let's say the show got a complete makeover (I know this isn't what's happening, just saying), and the entire cast was replaced. Virtually the only thing that was the same was the hourglass logo. There would still be a few people watching, but I wouldn't feel any loyalty to them, because Days would be a different show. Those people would be fans of the new show, not the Days we all know and love. While I'm sure the show isn't getting a total makeover, I wonder if the recent cuts are a signal that it is changing. Some change is always good; I'm not trying to overlook that. But if the show changes too much, it really will seem like a different show, and at that point, I'd say that it's time to call it quits.
Sure, it would seem like a different show and I'd understand if it were time to call it quits for you as I'm sure it would be for me. But canceling the show means calling it quits for everybody and that's what I have a hard time with. There are a million shows on TV I don't watch and don't like, but I can make the choice for myself to say goodbye and I don't feel I have the right to hope that the choice is made for everybody.

I understand what you are saying about Days having value and that is being lost as the downward spiral continues. And 18 months from now, I may be looking back wishing it had been canceled in 2009. I just figure everybody else has to make that decision on their own and the ratings will reflect it, one way or another.
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